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The name Alpari is familiar to a huge number of people interested in trading on the Forex currency exchange, and many have heard it on large-scale advertising campaigns conducted by broker Alpari.

The company itself is an old-timer in the field of brokerage services, having started its activities in 1998. During this period, the Alpari brand has become the largest broker providing services on the Forex exchange. But the process of business development and expansion continues, opening up new horizons and spheres of activity already on the global financial scene.

The main components of Alpari’s success are, first of all: focusing on the needs of the client, introducing innovative technologies and consistently quality service.

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Alpari is a forex broker who for many years has shown a consistently high level of providing various services in financial markets. In 2009, the broker was awarded for the introduction of the Pamm account alpari, the National Olympus Award, which in turn opened the door to attracting and familiarizing more customers with the PAMM account system. It was in 2009 that the number of clients of the company exceeded the mark of 100,000,000 people, which was a marked milestone in the company’s progressive activity in the field of online trading and trust management. And already in 2012, the volume of trading in the company was more than 84 billion dollars, with the number of transactions more than 4 million, which in itself demonstrates the very rapid growth and progress of Alpari.

Many factors have contributed to this rapid growth, including the availability of educational materials and programmes. Today, the company is engaged not only in the provision of brokerage services, but also in training all comers, mechanisms of work on the Forex currency exchange. For both beginners and experienced traders, numerous training programs are provided and lectures and webinars are held to help you gain the necessary knowledge. Many alpari traders started with this type of training, so they were able to achieve impressive results, as evidenced by the forex alpari reviews in various media.

Competitions from forex broker Alpari (Alpari)

For the company’s clients there are also some competitions, where you can not only get important theoretical skills, but also earn a large sum of money. Here are some contests that are very popular with customers:

  1. The “Big Kush” is a competition in which the main task of the trader is to get maximum profit with minimal drawdown. The competition takes place in four rounds over eleven weeks, and the prize fund is distributed among 25 traders who will show the best results. The prize pool is $170,000;
  2. Formula FX is another competition for fast-income fans, as it lasts a week and the prize pool is $1,600;
  3. “Successful Investor” is one of the most popular contests, held for 12 months. In order to participate, you need to open an account for $500 or 400 euros. Only one trader who is awarded an iphone or $700 wins.

Today, it is safe to say that Alpari is the largest Forex broker in the post-Soviet space, which continues its development and path to global global success.

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Brokerage company Alpari reviews about which are evidence of the high level of service and quality of service, repeatedly celebrated with awards and honorary certificates, but the main award for the company was the trust of more than a hundred thousand permanent the company’s offices are located in more than twenty countries.

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