Bill Williams Forex Trader

One of the most famous Forex traders is Bill Williams. This man made a fortune working in the stock market. Bill learned from friends that you can make money on the stock exchange. For five years with a friend, he gained his experience by trading futures. But over time, their roads diverged, and each began to trade independently.

According to this multi-billionaire, every year his deals became more profitable. But Williams writes off all this only on the high speed of economic development. When he started working in the stock market, he had to draw all the charts and graphs neatly on paper. The profit boom dates back to the early 20th century, when personal computers began to enter everyday life.

This trader was known as a man of good heart who helped everyone who needed his help. He gave most of his income to charity. In addition to money, he shared with novice traders the secrets of successful trading.

Bill Williams' Profitunity

To make it easier for investors in the early stages, Williams founded the Profitunity Trading Group Business School. Those who take courses at this school are introduced to basic and technical analysis, and course lecturers give young financiers the basics of stock trading.

It reads courses of technical and fundamental analysis, helping financiers quickly understand the essence of stock trading.

Bill Williams and Forex

Bill Williams considers trading his favorite thing and occupation. It's a hobby and a job for him. It gives him the opportunity to better reveal his abilities and better know himself.

Trading, in his opinion, will fully reveal the psychology of the person and show his character. Everyone behaves in the market as he sees fit: someone takes risks, someone likes to be careful. Someone listens only to experts, and someone – their own opinion. But there should be one general quality: trading should bring profit.

According to Williams, anyone with a good level of intellectual development can easily achieve good performance in the stock market. It is best to learn from those traders who have good work experience, then the learning process will not exceed five or seven calendar days. Of course, additionally you will have to read books and study different strategies, but knowing the basics, you can move on to more serious literature about futures.

Bill Williams Trading System (Bill Williams Indicators)

Bill Williams' trade chaos

Download Bill Williams' books

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