August 16, 2019

BCS Forex Broker is one of the oldest Forex companies in the CIS Forex, it was formed in 1995. BCS Forex has a positive reputation as a reliable Forex broker.

The activity of BCS Forex broker during its existence has expanded significantly. BCS Forex has been transformed into a huge financial group of the same name. 

The interests of THE BCS Forex broker extend not only to the financial market. One of the main activities of the company are banking services, RKO service, network trading, capital management, investment, economic and financial analytics, financial advice.     

BCS Forex broker is registered in the offshore zone, the activities of a large company are regulated by CySec. BCS Forex Broker is accredited on the London Stock Exchange. 

Traders prefer BCS Forex Broker

Thanks to the democratic and profitable Forex policy for retail investors, Forex remains one of the largest participants in the Forex market in Russia. More than 150,000 people in Russia are clients of BCS Forex broker.

BCS Forex offers its clients the opportunity to open different types of trading accounts, depending on financial capabilities. These can be global, NDD, PRO, Direct accounts. 


There are accounts for customers with a democratic wallet. The minimum amount for such users is only one U.S. dollar. The minimum bet is 0.01 lots. The smallest leverage is 1:200. 

Thanks to these conditions, Forex trading becomes available for beginners, for people whose income is often defined as average. The trading deposit in the newbie's account will not merge so quickly.

When opening a certain type of electronic account, the user of the BCS Forex trading platform has the opportunity to trade forex using certain trading tools. Thus, the NDD account provides trading of the main forex assets, it is 41 currency pairs.

More advanced Forex traders often choose to trade with CFD instruments, or to trade contracts for price difference. In this case, a trading palette of 133 working instruments is offered.

Users of BCS Forex Broker have the opportunity to open trading accounts in currency. This is the US dollar, the euro and the Russian ruble.

BCS Forex Broker Provides Additional Services

Investservice InvestGuru company BCS Forex broker calls its pride. Thanks to invest investment tool InvestGuru under the mandatory conditions of successful trading customers can receive up to 60% of the annual profitability.

In order to be able to use the services of invest service InvestGuru from BCS Forex blower, you need to open an account for at least 40,000 rubles, apply to your capital one of the trading strategies. InvestGuru is able to receive trading signals on the Russian stock market. 

BCS Forex Broker gives its traders the opportunity to trade on binary options. Traditionally, binary options are considered to pose a potential danger. However, any trader who has studied the behavior of the Forex market easily trades on binary options. 

This is one of the most common methods of making big profits. However, if a beginner takes to trade on binary options, he can almost instantly merge his entire deposit. Successful trading depends on experience.

A special online trading platform BCS Trader Option is offered for trading on binary options. 25 currency pairs are offered for binary options trading. The trader can make trading bets of 200 rubles. When trading on binary options, the account Direct.MT 5 is best suited. 

In addition to trading classic trading instruments BCS Forex broker provides an opportunity to trade index contracts CFDs, metals, precious metals, stocks, futures contracts.

On which BCS Forex broker platforms can be traded


For forex trading, BCS Forex broker offers to trade using two trading platforms. This is Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5. These platforms are the most comfortable for trading and intuitive even for computer dummies. 

The choice of a particular platform depends on what type of account the trader chooses, what trading tools he intends to use for trading.

BCS Forex Broker developed versions of Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 specifically for mobile devices. Thanks to trading on mobile devices, trading is becoming more comfortable and enjoyable. Because it is possible to trade from all points of the globe, where there is a connection to the web, and at any convenient time 24/7.


How to enter and withdraw money


To top up the BCS Forex trading account the broker is simple: using a bank card, through banking terminals, using an electronic wallet or using a bank transfer.

All these types of payments are accepted instantly. The exception is money transfer through the bank. The bank transfer transaction takes place within three days.

It is possible to replenish the BCS Forex trading account with the help of an electronic wallet or online banking only in Russian rubles.

How to get trained by BCS Forex Broker


One of the most trusted Forex brokers, BCS Forex Broker, offers its clients a unique opportunity to learn the art of trading. Masters of BCS Forex broker offer their clients to become financially and economically educated. 

This is very important, because knowledge in economics and finance makes it possible to understand the movements of the market, all its changes, the causes of changes. A financially literate trader will be able to easily apply various trading strategies for earning on Forex.

To help the trader there is up-to-date analytical materials deciphering market changes, economic and financial news, calendars of economic events. This analysis is provided by the independent think tank Trading Central.

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