"Trade under the power of anyone" – this is how the slogan "anyone can trade" is translated, posted on the dealing portal On the one hand, there will be dozens, if not hundreds of professional speculators, ready to argue with this statement: whatever the advertisers from the dealing centers say, and trading is a difficult profession, to succeed in which is not so easy. On the other hand, instead of the typical CIS package of services for Forex players, the founders of AnyOption decided to occupy a narrower niche and focus on options. And, as you know, trading these financial instruments is really much easier than currencies.

Perhaps the first thing that catches the eye of visitors to the official site of this company is the love of his administration to exaggerations. For example, in the "about us" section, AnyOption without unnecessary modesty is called the largest platform for speculation of binary options, as if forgetting about the Chicago Option Exchange and other world-class leaders. But, of course, the controversial approach to PR does not mean that this office does not deserve the attention of customers, especially if you remember that we are talking about a niche organization. In addition, dedicated to earnings on binary options in AnyOption reviews for 3013-2014 produce a positive rather than a negative impression.


AnyOption is a broker registered in 2008. The company's headquarters are located in Cyprus, from where, in all likelihood, there is a license. The current certificate of the CRFR, which serves as an indirect confirmation of compliance with domestic standards, was issued in October 2013 and has a 12-month validity period. The information about the quotes, according to the official version, comes from none other than Thomson Reuters.

Trading terms on binary options

Trading binary options in AnyOption involves the return of some of the funds even in the event of a wrong decision: the trader receives 5 to 25% of the bet as compensation. As for the tools, they include:

  1. indices (including the Nasdaq, the S'P 500, Nikei 225 and others);
  2. Currency pairs;
  3. Precious metals;
  4. securities (e.g. shares of Apple, Google, Barclays, McDonalds and others).

As for the advantages of this trading format, this tool involves easier risk management: the player knows in advance how much he will receive for the correct forecast or how much he will lose if he makes a mistake. Thanks to this scheme, the strategies required for trading in AnyOption are not as complex as they are in Forex or the stock market. In fact, it is enough for the trader to guess whether the price of the chosen asset will rise or fall. In a more complex money-making model, options can be traded to extract speculative profits. The minimum deposit (rate) required to work with AnyOption is $1.

Demo accounts

Reviews of the demo accounts available on the broker's website AnyOption suggest that they are only suitable for familiarization with the interface, but not for training. The fact is that the quotes broadcast to the demonstration terminal do not duplicate the real market, but are generated in such a way as to produce more winning results. As a result, the player does not receive objective information about technical analysis and his real chances of profiting.

Additional services

The mobile trading option offered by AnyOption provides everyone with the opportunity to make trades, place bets and analyze the market with a smartphone, PDA or tablet. The broker proposes to introduce and withdraw capital using the following systems:

  1. Visa and MasterCard
  2. WebMoney;
  4. CashU;
  5. Ukash;
  6. Skrill;
  7. Bank payments
  8. domestic payments within the Russian Federation.

A lot of attention is paid to training beginners seeking to learn how to make money from binary options. Published AnyOption videos, active forum, guides, e-books and articles will be a reliable help for beginners and experienced traders.