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Alfa-Forex has been providing services on the Forex exchange since 2003. The Alfa-Forex brand itself belongs to one of the largest financial groups in Russia – "Alpha – Group", created back in 1989. The interests of this finance structure are concentrated in various areas of business: from construction to gas production.

The main goal of the Alfa-Forex project was to create a quality service for traders in the Forex currency market. To achieve this goal, Alfa-Forex has brought together real professionals in its team, as well as provided technical support at the highest level.

Benefits of forex broker Alfa-Forex:

Among the main advantages are:

  1. Execution of orders without slippage;
  2. There is no minimum deposit size;
  3. Some of the most profitable spreads on EUR/USD currencies;
  4. 24-hour support.

Of the negative aspects in the work of Alfa-Forex can be distinguished by the few failures of the terminal.

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At the moment there are a lot of attractive trading conditions for customers, which Alfa-Forex offers reviews about which demonstrate its popularity among traders of a variety of professional level and experience.

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