October 4, 2019

Ak Investment was founded on 11 December 1996 to operate in capital markets under the Capital Markets Act and relevant regulations.

Ak Investment offers fast, reliable, investor-friendly and high-quality services in all capital markets thanks to its experienced staff working in headquarters and 10 offices located in major cities. "Ak Invest" under the trademark "TradeAll" allows to easily, quickly and safely transfer all transactions of investors in the domestic and foreign capital markets.

Ak Invest is constantly improving its advanced trading capabilities, such as:

  • The flow of care with LIVE UPDATE;
  • DMA for stocks and futures;
  • Algorithmic trading – with a wide range of trading opportunities, including bulk orders, TWAP, VWAP and MOC;
  • A shopping basket.
  • Creating a market and providing liquidity.

Basic information about broker's conditions

Ak Investment is a subsidiary of Akbank TAJ., the company has a paid capital of 80,000,000 TL. A broker called AK YATIRIM MENKUL DE'ERLER A.J. is registered in Istanbul. License number: 358178-305760. Currently, Ak Investment's research products are distributed to retail investors through 800 Akbank branches. These services are available to customers around the clock via the Internet. 

The ever-growing and stable Ak Investment since its inception offers products for domestic and foreign capital markets to retail and commercial customers with its experienced sales department, comprehensive research reports and customer-centric approach to service. As part of the public offering mediation services, Ak Investment provides its clients with a wide range of services, including pre-structuring for public offering, evaluation, management of SPK (CMB) and BIST processes, management of the public offerings and advertising campaigns, management of domestic and foreign marketing and sales. Since 2005, Ak Investment has successfully participated in numerous public offerings worth more than $3 billion. The broker is highly respected internationally and in his country.

Ak Investment offers traders to earn through the MetaTrader 4 platform for Forex trading and CFDunder under the TradeAll brand. The company offers its traders access to the rich features of the popular platform – everything traders need, from trading and analytical functions to copying trading operations and the trading robot app store. Through TradeAll, the firm offers a range of domestic and global instruments, including major indices, currency pairs and commodity contracts.

TradeAll is a multi-asset e-commerce platform that delivers fast, reliable and accurate execution with a simple and user-friendly interface to use. Investors can trade all major currency pairs, spot-value metals, indices and CFDs on stocks listed on the futures exchange and international stocks under one roof.

The firm's analysts provide extensive information on both macroeconomic trends and specific equities, allowing investors to see all relevant developments and considerations affecting development in the country.

Ak Investment has also gained a wealth of experience in preparing IPOs, helping to merge and acquisitions, and preparing state-owned companies for privatization. The firm's experts are regularly recruited by leading Turkish companies that seek to harness the strength and resilience of the country's capital market.

In an effort to expand its active customer coverage in the UK, continental Europe, the Middle East and the US for Turkish shares and market-listed derivatives, Ak Investment has entered into a partnership with Colt PrizmNet to present (PoP) at London's LD4 data centre. Customers can now access the Borsa Istanbul market using a simple cross-connection with The Colt financial network, including minimal IT and testing. The very low latency of the network between London and Istanbul, combined with the FIX low-delay location mechanism, Creates the ideal solution for high-frequency trading and other speed-sensitive operations. 

Ak Investment has recently succeeded in moving its powerful servers to the stock exchange, where they are now located together with Borsa's own IT equipment.  This step significantly reduced the waiting time for the connection, significantly speeding up the fulfillment of orders and providing transactions with shares at the best prices that can be bought with money.

Thanks to its investment in technology, Ak Investment is now particularly well prepared to make the most of the partnership between Borsa Istanbul and Nasdaq OMX, which has given the Turkish exchange access to itself a modern set of trading technologies, resources and consultants.

Ak Investment prides itself on the quality of its professional services and strives to trade in accordance with the best international practices, based on the needs and instructions of customers. To ensure the effectiveness of transactions, there are also well-established and market-tested settlement procedures. Ak Investment offers FIX Trading and Direct Market Access (DMA) services to its customers to help them achieve maximum efficiency. Ak Investment has an online connection with most vendors, such as Marco Polo, Fidessa, Bloomberg, and also establishes a dot-to-point connection if necessary. 

Ak Investment was the first local broker to start Algorithmic Trading on ISE. Intelligent algorithms developed by Ak Investment allow their customers to execute orders with a more local understanding, providing orders such as TWAP, VWAP, MOC, MOO and bulk participation orders. The combination of DMA and algorithms is also available to customers. In addition to stock trading, Ak Investment trades futures and options, individual stock futures and offers clients the best derivatives performance service. DMA for futures trading is also available to customers. Ak Invest informs its clients about the derivatives trading instruments, profit and loss scenarios and how to use futures contracts for hedging and speculation purposes.

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